How to Recycle Your Old Electronics

How to Recycle Your Old Electronics
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Our current consumerism society leads us to be unaware of the true impact we have on the world. The world generates close to 40 million tons of electronic waste annually. That is equivalent to discarding 800 laptops per second. On average, a cell phone user replaces their phone every 18 months. Research shows that e-waste comprises 70% of all toxic waste.

Consequently, minimizing e-waste is a major step towards green living. Here is how you can do it:

Numerous non-profits work to deliver functioning electronics. These organizations will refurbish unwanted devices and deliver them to people who cannot afford them. It is a great way to keep your electronics out of a landfill.

Use Certified E-Waste Recyclers

Giving electronics to a certified e-waste recycling organization will ensure they are disposed of correctly. It is a small but meaningful contribution to living greener. Recyclers need to undergo a certification process that confirms they conform to all laws relevant to e-waste recycling. Compliance is via third-party audits.

Return to Manufacturer

Most major manufacturers will take back old electronics and run them through an in-house recycling program. These programs are free, and some will even accept gadgets from other brands. Sending them your old devices will ensure they are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

An excellent example of this is the Apple Recycling Program. Even when your device is not from Apple but still has monetary value, the company sends a gift card for the value of that device. Various tech firms run recycling programs on their sites. Check the terms of each one and pick the one that suits you best.

Sell Old Devices Online

Instead of throwing old electronics in the trash, try selling them online. Many people online will purchase old but functional devices at a fair price. You will get cash for your old device while keeping it out of a landfill.

Numerous e-commerce sites offer this service. One of the most famous is eBay. Additionally, you can advertise on the Facebook Marketplace. Some buyers will even take a broken one if you clarify that it may need repairs. Placing an honest description is the best way to get it off your hands. It often requires that you pack and post the device to the buyer.

There are also dedicated platforms that will buy old devices. They will often check the state of the device, its age, and any physical damage. These platforms will then offer a fair price for the device. Ultimately, it is a better alternative to disposing of it in a landfill, where the harmful chemicals end up in the oceans.

There is also the option to use trade-in platforms. The process is simple, as you only need to send the device or arrange for a free pick-up at your location. Once they list the old device, you will get payment.

Use the Electronics for Longer

Most major electronics makers will release a new version of their gadget every year or two. However, you do not need to discard your old device. If it still serves its purpose, consider using it for longer. That helps to minimize the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills.

Pass On Old Devices

If you have friends or family who cannot afford the latest gadget, consider passing on your slightly used device to them when you get a new one. Refrain from filling up your junk drawer with old devices for which you have no use. Handing it over to someone else prolongs its life and ensures they will not have to get a new device.

Repair Damaged Devices

While it can be more convenient to get a new device when your old one cracks or malfunctions, try repairing it instead. Some platforms offer guidelines on simple repairs. For instance, you can find free tutorials on how to diagnose and repair common faults. Sometimes, it is a software problem, and sometimes it takes a bit of tinkering. Overall, repairing allows you to squeeze out more life from your electronics, which keeps them out of landfills.

Keep Your Electronics Out of Landfills for Greener Living

As you can see, numerous alternatives exist to simply throwing away old electronics. Most of them contain only trace amounts of harmful chemicals. However, the huge volumes that are disposed of each year are what creates the problem.

By slowing down the rate at which you dispose of these devices, you contribute to green living. Ensure that you consider which steps you can take to keep old electronics out of landfills, and the planet will be better for it. Every small contribution goes a long way. If you take the above steps, and encourage your friends and family to do the same, we could turn the problem of e-waste around. 

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